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Dates & Times: Survival Analysis (General) – Parts I & II

  • Part I: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 from  1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST
  • Part II: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST

Survival Analysis for Population-based Cancer Datasets – Part III

  • Thursday, February 20, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST


Presenter: Dr. Noori Akhtar-Danesh, BSc, MSc, PhD Associate Professor, School of Nursing Associate Member, Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Nursing Health Services Research Unit (NHSRU) McMaster University daneshn@mcmaster.ca

Survival Analysis (General) and Survival Analysis of Population-based Cancer Datasets – Online Course from February 18-20, 2014

Course Description: A total of 9 hours of interactive instruction. Survival Analysis (General) – Parts I  and II In this session the main statistical topics in survival analysis will be discussed. Specific topics include Kaplan-Meier curves, log-rank test, Cox Proportional Hazard Model, Stratified and Extended Cox Model, and Parametric Survival Models. Statistical package of STATA will be used for analysis. Survival Analysis for Population-based Cancer Datasets – Part III In this session the main concepts for the analysis of population-based cancer datasets will be discussed. These topics include estimation and modeling relative survival, cure models, and flexible parametric models. By completing the course, the participants will gain enough knowledge and skills to perform their analyses using STATA.

Registration Fees:

Type Full course (Parts I, II, and III) Parts I and II only Part III only
CSEB Non-Member, Regular $700+HST $450+HST $350+HST
CSEB Member, Regular $400+HST $300+HST $200+HST
Student $275+HST $225+HST $175+HST
Groups of 10 or more participants Contact secretariat@cseb.ca for reduced registrations rates.

Waived Registrations: A selected number of waived registrations will be granted to full-time students or recent students who can demonstrate financial need and relevance of the course to his/her research work. To apply for this opportunity, complete the online application by February 1st, 2014. Only CSEB student members are eligible for this bursary

How to register: The registration deadline was 11:59PM EDT on February 11th, 2014.

Cacellation Policy: Refunds will be given for requests received in writing postmarked no later than February 9th, less an administration fee of $20.00. After that date, we regret no refunds will be issued; however, we will accept substitute delegates.

Certificate of Completition: Participants will be issued an electronic certificate of completion issued by the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics upon completion of the course

Required Materials:

  • A computer/laptop
  • Speakers/headphones/headset (microphone and headphone combo)
  • A reliable internet connection
  • STATA statistical software (*participants be given access to a demo copy of STATA)

Optional Materials:

  • A headset or microphone is required should the participant wish to ask questions or participate orally to the session

Webinar Recording: The webinar will be recorded and made available to those attendees who have paid but are unable to participate in the live presentation.

Instructor Bio: Dr. Noori Akhtar-Danesh received his PhD in medical statistics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He began his career at McMaster in 2003 and is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Nursing, McMaster University. He is also an associate member of the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Dr. Akhtar-Danesh collaborates with nursing faculty and clinicians from departments of medicine, pediatrics, pathology and molecular medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology. His primary research interests include survival analysis, relative survival analysis, multilevel modeling and longitudinal data analysis, research tool developments, Q-methodology (a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods for the study of subjectivity), and analysis of large dataset and meta-analysis. Dr. Akhtar-Danesh is also an associate editor for the journal of BMC Medical Research Methodology. This is Dr. Akthar-Danesh’s second time delivering this online course for the CSEB. Selected Publications:

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