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A significant role that CSEB has is to advocate on behalf of the professions of epidemiology and biostatistics. In line with this, a letter was sent from the CSEB Executive, on behalf of the Society, to The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician in protest of the change to make responding to the long form of the Census voluntary.
Ethical guidelines in research: when more is not necessarily better… 
Marie-Elise Parent, PhD, Associate Professor, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier

The prevention of disease. What a laudable goal! Could this goal become unattainable because of unreasonable administrative constraints on research? I’m afraid the answer may be yes, unless we act now to rectify the situation.

Read Jack Siemiatycki’s article in the Globe & Mail from June 29, 2001. “The right to privacy,” Dr. Siemiatycki writes, “is a noble human right, but so is the right to the health.” Dr. SIemiatycki is the Past President of the CSEB. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Environmental Epidemiology and Population Health, Université de Montréal and is a Professor at the Université de Montréal.

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