The CSEB national body is proud to be affiliated with student chapters throughout the nation

University of Ottawa (CSEB-UO)

Main website:

Launched in 2009 for the purposes of hosting the 2009 CSEB National Student Conference, the Ottawa chapter continues to thrive today with annual activities including organization of the School of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Undergraduate Epidemiology Poster Day, CSEB-UofO Research Seminar Series, and PowerPoint Karaoke.

  • CSEB-UofO Undergraduate Epidemiology Poster Day, 2013 – Poster judging

    CSEB-UofO Undergraduate Epidemiology Poster Day, 2013 – Poster judging

  • CSEB-UofO Undergraduate Epidemiology Poster Day, 2013 – Awards

    CSEB-UofO Undergraduate Epidemiology Poster Day, 2013 – Awards

Western University (CSEB-Western)

Mission statement:

The mission of Western University’s Student Chapter of the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics – CSEB @WesternU – is to facilitate professional development, continuing education and research dissemination for students and recent graduates of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.


  1. To provide students in epidemiology and biostatistics with opportunities to expand their knowledge by sharing their research through organized poster and oral presentations
  2. To engage student networking across multiple professional organizations within existing departmental relationships. These include CSEB host institutions, local organizations (e.g. health unit, CAMH) and other epidemiology and biostatistics research centres
  3. To promote interest in epidemiology and biostatistics in the broader Western community by enhancing students’ knowledge in the field, through sharing innovative research findings
  4. To provide opportunities for student collaboration across related scientific disciplines
  5. To build enthusiasm among current and prospective students in epidemiology and biostatistics

Student Leaders: (2018-2019)

  • Chair: Carina Iskander
  • Internal Affairs Officer: Emily Nunez
  • Event Planners: Eugene Law & Tammy Lau
  • Undergraduate Representative: Ronald Chow
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelly Anderson
  • Ad-Hoc Committee – Graduate Student Representative: Gary Grewal
  • Academic Advisor: Dr. Kelly Anderson

Our most recent events:

John Snow Day (March 15th)
“We had an excellent time presenting a informational seminar about Epidemiology and Biostatistics for undergraduate students at Western University this past Thursday! We were also overjoyed to join the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics here in commemorating the birthday of John Snow!”

Speed Mentoring (Fall 2017)
“Epidemiology & Biostatistics students meeting with more experienced mentors in a “speed dating” like environment. A great way to get exposed to a wide variety of career perspectives in a short period of time.”

Contact Information:

  • Speed Mentoring (2015)

    Speed Mentoring (2015)

    See more pics from the speed mentoring event here.

  •  Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

    Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

  •  Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

    Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

  •  Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

    Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

  •  Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

    Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

  •  Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

    Inauguration of the New CSEB-Western Chapter

University of Waterloo (CSEB-UW)

The University of Waterloo CSEB Chapter

Founded in the summer of 2015, CSEB-UW seeks to promote the disciplines of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Waterloo, with the goal of encouraging students to pursue further study in both disciplines. Our events focus on raising interest and awareness about epidemiology and biostatistics, as well as providing practical guidance on topics such as internships, graduate school, and COOP programs, as well as recognition of student research conducted at UWaterloo. Interested students are encouraged to email us at and follow us on Twitter at@CSEB_UW.

Our Facebook group:

Please visit our official website for multimedia resources for students interested in epidemiology and biostatistics:

CSEB-UW was proud to hold its inaugural event, a Career Day, on September 21, 2015. Approximately 30 students attended the event to hear advice on careers in epidemiology and biostatistics, and public health. The panelists, Dr. Mark Oremus (School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo), Dr. Cecilia Cotton (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo), and Ms. Maryam Iraniparast (PhD Candidate, School of Public Health and Health Systems, University of Waterloo) also discussed tips and tricks for applying to graduate school.

On November 18th, 2015, CSEB-UW held a second career day event, focusing on graduate programs in public health. The panelists included Dr. John Garcia (Associate Director, Graduate Professional Programs, School of Public Health & Health Systems), Dr. Linda Jessup (Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies, School of Public Health & Health Systems), Michelle Fluit (Professional Graduate Programs Coordinator, School of Public Health & Health Systems), Danielle Fearon (Graduate Student).

During the Winter 2016 semester, CSEB-UW organized a mentorship program for first-year students majoring in Health Studies, Public Health, and Biology. Upper-year students provided advice on COOPs, internships, extracurricular activities, and upper-year courses. A professional photo shoot was also organized for students interested in taking headshots for LinkedIn.

More events will be planned in the next few months, including panel discussions and a 3-minute undergraduate thesis event. Be sure and check our Facebook Group for the latest news.

  • Our audience from the Career Day held in September 2015

    Our audience from the Career Day held in September 2015

  • CSEB-UW upper-year mentors.

    CSEB-UW upper-year mentors

McMaster University (CSEB-MU)

The McMaster CSEB Student Chapter is an interdisciplinary, student-run organization at McMaster that aims to provide an avenue for undergraduate and graduate students to explore their interests in Epidemiology and Biostatistics through networking with students and professionals alike.

Academic Advisor:
Dr. Guillaume Paré, Canada Research Chair in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology

Executive Members:
Dalton Budhram, Co-President:
Daniel Shi, Co-President:
Tyler Or, Vice-President:
Michael Lee, VP External Affairs:
Lydia Ginsberg, VP Academic:
Dhruv Gupte, VP Internal Affairs:
Lily Wu, Events Coordinator:
David Martin, Chief Financial Officer:
Betty Su, Chief Recruitment Officer:
Harry Li, Chief Information Officer:
Andrea Binda, Chief Promotions Officer:
Rachel Tran, Secretary:
Aaron De Jong, Head of Research Blog:

Blog contributors:
Candice Luo:
Siddharth Reed:

McMaster Website:
News and Blog:

Future Events:

  • Reading Week Skills Workshop
    • McMaster faculty to engage students in problem-based learning and teach students skills that are applicable in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics. It focuses on helping students who are new to doing research and may require additional background before delving deeper in their work. It has the secondary goal of facilitating networking between like-minded students and health professionals.

Current Events:

  • Falling in Love with Research
    • McMaster CSEB’s Valentine’s Day Event focuses on connecting undergraduate students to graduate students in epidemiology & biostatistics to help people learn more about graduate programs and how to get involved in relevant research. The description:
      • Are you interested in research, but not sure how to get involved? Come out to CSEB’s “Falling in Love with Research” speed dating event. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to talk to medical students and graduate students who are involved in clinical research. Don’t miss out on a chance to ask all your questions, make connections, and have a great time!

Past Events:

  • CUCOH Initiatives Competition
    • Four of our executive members presented the CSEB as an initiative at one of the largest student run healthcare conferences in Canada at Queen’s University. We displayed what has been accomplished by bringing the CSEB to McMaster University thus far and talked about some of our future plans, including our summer skills workshop, research seminars, and undergraduate blog initiative. Our presentation team placed first by delegate’s choice at this competition, marking a huge success for the chapter! The winnings will be used to fund our 2017 summer skills workshop.
  • Research Mythbusters
    • Introduce undergraduate students to the field of research through the perspective of professors, graduate and successful undergraduate student and provide some insight into working as a research assistant. Dispel common preconceived notions of what it takes to obtain a research position.
  • Graduate Mentorship Workshop
    • Graduate students are paired with undergraduates to discuss interest in epidemiology and biostatistics graduate programs
    • Cultivate undergraduate interest in these two disciplines
    • Build future careers
  • Research Blog Competition Initiative
    • The research blog is available on the chapter’s official website as an opportunity for the student body to write about current breakthroughs in epidemiology and/or biostatistics research. The initiative aims to foster critical thinking and the development of novel ideas through peer collaboration and blog discussion.



  • CSEB-UW upper-year mentors.